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Family Plans

Sign up and save $ when you purchase a TruShine Family Plan.

Please Note:

1. Customers must visit one of our TruShine locations, and speak with an attendant in order to purchase one of the special family plans.

2. Customers can also add a tag to any of our memberships for a savings of $3 off of each additional vehicle.

- Example: Purchase the Wax & Shine: 1st vehicle - $26.95, 2nd vehicle  +$23.95, 3rd vehicle +$23.95, etc.

3. Vehicles must be set up under the same account and billed monthly under one credit/debit card.

4. Memberships auto-renew every month until cancelled, and a credit or debit card is required for the recurring payment.


TruShine Ceramic Family Plan

TruShine Special Family Plan

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